Orangeburg, N.Y. (5/9/18) The Dominican College Athletic Department recently honored the 2017-2018 student-athletes at the Annual Awards Night which was held last night in the Hennessy Center. The ceremony took place in the brand new auxiliary gym.

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The annual Lady Charger and Charger Awards were presented to a senior male and female athlete whose character exemplifies the values of Sportmanship, Teamwork and Commitment to Dominican College.  The 2017-2018 awards winners were: 

Lady Charger Award: Jenna Maska (Softball)

Charger Award: John-Michael Broderick (Baseball)

The annual Dominic Guzman Award was also presented to a student-athlete who maintains a GPA of 3.0 or higher, is an upper-classmen, exhibits personal and social maturity and serves not only the athletic department but to the overall campus community.  This year's recipient was: Jordan Bernacet (Baseball).

The annual Steve Baxter Service Award was also presented to an individual whose dedication and loyalty to the athletic department has made a difference.  This year's winner was: Sister Barbara McEneany (Campus Minister)

Certificates were also presented to the top scholar athletes of each class who had the highest GPAs.  The list is below.




MALE: Bruno Garcia - soccer (3.87)

FEMALE: Shelby Smith - softball (4.00)


MALE: Jonathan Garcia - basketball (3.42)

FEMALE: Djazmina Jean-Pierre - cross country/track (3.77)

FEMALE: Jenna Fox - lacrosse (3.77)


MALE: Kyle Souza - lacrosse (3.97)

FEMALE: Esther Galo - track (3.83)


MALE: Jovan Zigic - cross country/track (4.00)

FEMALE: Kim Koeder - soccer/track (3.74)

FEMALE: Ina Koeder - soccer/track (3.74)

The National College Athlete Honor Society, Chi Alpha Sigma, was founded at DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana, on May 17, 1996.  It was formed as a student-athlete honor society for the recognition of high academic achievers and sport letter winners at the collegiate level.  The chapter at Dominican College, New York Sigma Chapter of Chi Alpha Sigma, was created in 2011 by Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR), Jim Crawley.

This honor society recognizes college students who receive a varsity letter in their sport while maintaining a 3.4 or higher cumulative GPA throughout their junior and senior years.  Presently, there are more than 180 colleges and universities from 40 states who are members. 

The society's motto is "Excellence in Academics and Athletics".  Its watch words are "Athletics, Academics, Achievement, Attitude." 

The purposes of the organization are;

1.  To encourage and reward high academic scholarship of college athletes at 4 year accredited colleges and universities

2.  To recognize outstanding academic achievement by intercollegiate varsity sport letter winners

3.  To encourage good citizenship, moral character, and friendship among the high academic achievers in college athletics

4.  To recognize and honor the individual athlete, his/her team, sport, athletic department, and college or university

5.  To mentor and provide leadership to other athletes

This year's class of the inductees were:

2017-2018 Chi Alpha Sigma Inductees

Anthony Bartolomei

Justin Decker

Samantha Fitzgerald

Jenna Fox

Esther Galo

Koree Hargraves

Jennifer Heller

Michael Merced

Ashley Merrit

Alexandria Montefinese

Kyle Morgan

Shaun Palmer

Jeanie Peluso

Zachary Pernick

Ethan Smith, Jr.

Elijah Tavarez

Jovan Zigic


Most valuable player (MVP) and Coach's Award plaques were also given to team members.  Here is a list of the award winners:

2017-18 Dominican College Most Valuable Player and Coach's Award

Women's Soccer

Coach's Award:        Alexandria Montefinese

Coach's Award:           Kaitlyn Montera


Men's Soccer

Most Valuable Player:        Hallvard Kuloey

Coach's Award:                 Matthew Snow


Women's Volleyball:

Coach's Award:        Deanna Knopf

Coach's Award:             Natalia Perez


Women's Cross Country:

Most Valuable Player:       Andrea Nardone

Coach's Award:                  Chelsea Crawford

Men's Cross Country:

Most Valuable Player:  Jovan Zigic

Coach's Award:   Nicholas Beutel

Women's Basketball:

Coach's Award:      Rebecca Rabeiro

Coach's Award:       Jasmine Gee


Men's Basketball:

Coach's Award:        Jonathan Garcia

Coach's Award:         Christopher Pierson


Coach's Award:    Samantha Fitzgerald

Coach's Award:    Gabrielle Kurtz


Men's Lacrosse:

Most Valuable Player:            Ryan Wiberly

Coach's Award:               Matthew Sandelier


Women's Lacrosse:

Most Valuable Player:          Jenna Fox

Coach's Award:                     Cara Moran



Coach's Award:               Joseph Libio



Most Valuable Player:               Leonard Lee

Coach's: Award:             Daniel Parker


Women's Track:

Most Valuable Player:           Djazmina Jean-Pierre

Coach's Award:                     Ashley-Ann Courts

Men's Track:

Most Valuable Player:      Michael Merced

Coach's Award:              Jaylen Cruz

All senior athletes were presented with an engraved mug.

Following the ceremony coffee and dessert was served in the Holt Room.