Dominican College Lady Charger and Charger Award 


The Lady Charger and Charger Award are presented to a female and male student athlete whose character exemplifies the values of Sportsmanship, Teamwork and Commitment.


Year                Lady Charger Award Winner              Charger Award Winner               

Jenna Maska

John-Michael Broderick

Emily Lopez

Emily Larsen

Phil Shields
2016 Christina Brennan Joe Clinton
2015 Gina Sparaco Peter Martinez
2014 Caitlin Murray Justin Turner
2013 Michelle Fiorvanti Cory Quimby

Katrina Pistilli

Carla Gimm

Michael Calzonetti
2011 Shanice Scully Justin Moore
2010 Megan Bryant

Shane Lowe

James Hamilton

2009 Althea Chambers Daniel Celebre
2008 Kinikia Collier Brian Mackey
2007 Stacey Ryan Joseph Ruesgen
2006 Megan Earl Tom Rolston
2005 Meagan Hipsman Chad Duesler

Tirzah Rivera

Mary Smith

Brian Cullinane
2002   Orlando Recio
2001 Candice Opperman Joseph Roggenkamp