The aim of Dominican College is to promote educational excellence, leadership and service in an environment characterized by respect for the individual and concern for the community.  The College is an independent institution of higher learning, Catholic in origin and heritage.  In the tradition of its Dominican College founders, the College fosters the active, shared pursuit of truth and embodies an ideal of education rooted in the values of reflective understanding and compassionate involvement. (DC Mission, 1st paragraph)

The philosophy of the Athletic Department at Dominican College complements the mission of Dominican College by striving to contribute to the well being of the student athlete by developing mature, well-rounded, "whole" persons physically, emotionally, ethically, socially and academically.  The purposes of the department and each athletic program is to prepare student athletes to successfully compete in scheduled intercollegiate games that will enhance preparation for life after graduation.

The second goal for athletics at DC is to promote the reputation of Dominican College in the local community, at other college campuses and for the general public by developing student-athletes whose performance models the ideals of excellence, leadership and service, inspired by Dominican values and traditions.

The third goal is to encourage head coaches and assistants in each individual sport to develop an organized, competitive and successful programs.  All student-athletes should demonstrate feelings of pride, teamwork and initiative as they cooperate with coaches and team members in common efforts to achieve their best in fitness, skills performance and team play.

Intercollegiate athletic competition generates a desire to win that can motivate student-athletes to excellence in performance.  Good sportsmanship, participation and the shared desire to excel in athletic performance extends to fans, adult spectators, parents and families of players and the alumni of DC who make up the community of support for each team and who enjoy and take pride in the athletic achievements of players and teams.

The athletic department and coaches strive for fairness, equitable participation, competitive excellence, encourage sportsmanship and proper ethical conduct in and out of season.  We work to develop in young men and women athletes a sense of personal, social and civic responsibility.  We promote the integration of good study habits and success in their classes along with the development of their athletic skills.  The athletic department, all coaches and student-athletes are committed to promote civility and respect for themselves and others, fairness, honesty and responsibility in and out of season.  Dominican College complies with all applicable gender equity laws of Title IX.  We believe in equal success to athletic opportunities regardless of race, gender or creed.  The athletic department complies with the NCAA, CACC and Dominican College rules regarding student-athlete eligibility, participation and ethical conduct.  We endorse the NCAA concept that amateur, intercollegiate athletics is part of an overall educational experience and that a successful educational experience is paramount for student-athletes.